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yume no kuni album sugami

夢の国 - yume no kuni


Zigsaw Puzzle album sugami

Zigsaw Puzzle


sutasutasuta sugami


Strawberry Jam

原色の人 - Genshyoku no Hito 




mama album sugami



strawberry jam sugami
原色の人 sugami

Sugami's Profile

Creating her own Musical World

1997年に Styling Records より LIVE ALBUM をリリースしソロ・アーティスト活動を始める。
2000年以降、自身のレーベル・ブランド「Steppin' Stone」、更にバンドSugami With Lagoon を立ち上げ、 Uphill Records から、これまでに1枚の MINI ALBUM と7枚のALBUMをリリース。
自身の活動の他、 A Hundred Birds 、UKのD.J.Sparkiiとシタール奏者石濱匡雄とのユニットGlocal newzのメンバーとしても活動中!

Sugami is a unique singer / songwriter / artist living in Osaka who continually  creates her own musical world.
In 1997, she released a live album from Styling Records and began her solo career.
Since 2000, she has launched her own label brand "Steppin' Stone" and has released 1 Mini Album and 7 Full Albums from Uphill Records.
In addition to her own releases, she is a member of A Hundred Birds and  Glocal Newz, together with UK's D.J.Sparkii and Japanese sitar player Tadao Ishihama.