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Musician, Composer, Song writer

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yume no kuni album sugami

夢の国 - yume no kuni

Zigsaw Puzzle album sugami

Zigsaw Puzzle

sutasutasuta sugami


Strawberry Jam

原色の人 - Genshyoku no Hito 

mama album sugami








strawberry jam sugami
原色の人 sugami

Sugami's collaborations




To The Eden


In The Sky


Fly From The Tree

 track 9
vocal & chorus arrangement

track 8,10,12 
vocal & chorus arrangement

track 5

track 2
vocal & composer

AHB_Used12_AMAR GORA.jpg

Amar Gora

Ain't No Mountain High Enough.jpg

Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Featuring Sugami

Vocals - Sugami

Sugami's Profile

Creating her own Musical World

1997年に Styling Records より LIVE ALBUM をリリースしソロ・アーティスト活動を始める。
2000年以降、自身のレーベル・ブランド「Steppin' Stone」、更にバンドSugami With Lagoon を立ち上げ、 Uphill Records から、これまでに1枚の MINI ALBUM と7枚のALBUMをリリース。
自身の活動の他、 A Hundred Birds 、UKのD.J.Sparkiiとシタール奏者石濱匡雄とのユニットGlocal newzのメンバーとしても活動中!

Sugami is a unique singer / songwriter / artist living in Osaka who continually  creates her own musical world.
In 1997, she released a live album from Styling Records and began her solo career.
Since 2000, she has launched her own label brand "Steppin' Stone" and has released 1 Mini Album and 7 Full Albums from Uphill Records.
In addition to her own releases, she is a member of A Hundred Birds and  Glocal Newz, together with UK's D.J.Sparkii and Japanese sitar player Tadao Ishihama.

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